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Framing by Steve Shafer...

I had finally finished a 30 year needlepoint project...14 gauge...over 50,000 stitches depicting the Cluny tapestry "Sense of Touch".  I knew it deserved the best so we went to Galleria custom framing.  Steve's ideas for the frame as well as the matting were right on the mark.  He had to steam the canvas even though I had worked it on a frame.  The result was more beautiful than I could have imagined and it hangs in our dining room.  Steve's expertise is both in the aesthetic aspect of a project but also in the technical demands that achieve the final results.  We were delighted to work with him.  I have several other pieces that will need his attention and know that they will be in safe hands.

Pam S.
Fearrington Village, NC

The framing of my Italian watercolors look phenomenal. Great job. Thank you.

Lisa S.
Durham, NC

I had the inside of my home
recently repainted, and to avoid multiple nail holes and to spare me the agony of where to hang the art, I was really wishing to have a professional to help with the placement and installation. The issue is how to find such a person.

Steve had done some custom framing for me recently, which I was very pleased with and from that experience and interaction I felt comfortable asking him to help me with this project. All of my pictures and wall hangings were laid out on my living room floor and Steve suggested where each would go and then hung all of the art using secure materials and proper measurements. I am so pleased with where he chose to place things. Each night when I come home, I am so glad I had Steve do this for me for many reasons.

1. It was all DONE in a few hours.
2. The art is located in a much better place than it was previously.
3. Everything was hung professionally, centered, straight and secure.

I feel like a kid in a candy store, walking by something that I have had for years and never really appreciating some of the nuances, simply because it wasn't in the right place. I am amazed at how a new and better location for these items has made them come alive!   I also appreciated his respect for my items in terms of finding a location for ALL of my things and treating them all, as if they were worth a million bucks -- because as he said to me -- these are the things that make the home, your home. You will not regret having Steve help you with any framing, art
and mirror projects.
Susan Sorrells
Raleigh, NC

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